Special Session:
Collaborative software system and models

2nd ACES (APEC Cooperation for Earthquake Simulation) Workshop in Japan

Vector and Parallel Tuning of Solid Earth Simulation Codes
Kazuo Minami, Takeshi Sagiya


In this paper, we discuss vector and parallel tuning of GeoFEM and the Householder QR decomposition process being solid earth simulation codes. Process of GeoFEM code can be roughly divided into two parts, matrix assemble part and Solver part. Currently, GeoFEM's parallel iterative solver have attained good parallel and vector performance, and GeoFEM's matrix assemble part have attained good parallel performance. The remaining problem is vector performance of Matrix assemble part. In this study, we mainly focused on vector optimization of Matrix Assemble Part and vector performance of whole GeoFEM Test Code. In vector performance of whole GeoFEM Test Code, finally, 45% for peak performance(SX-4 2GFlops machine) was obtained by changing loop structure. We uses Iterative method at GeoFEM solver. But there are not a little number of people using direct method solver to solve Solid Earth problems. We describe evaluation of vector/parallel performance of Householder QR decomposition processes in a new geodetic inversion method. Finally, 9.23GFlops was obtained for total performance by 8PE(SX-4 16GFlops machine).

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