Session IV:
Simulation of earthquake repture, wave propagation and standard models for different tectonic settings

2nd ACES (APEC Cooperation for Earthquake Simulation) Workshop in Japan

Scrutiny of the 3-D Non-planar Fault Model of the 1992 Landers Earthquake
Hideo Aochi, Eiichi Fukuyama


Recently, Aochi and Fukuyama (2000, in preparation) proposed the dynamic rupture model of the 1992 Landers earthquake based on a non-planar fault simulation in 3D elastic medium. A simple setting of local tectonics and friction laws could reproduce the qualitative feature of the earthquake, however there still remains uncertainty in the parameters, especially the spatial distribution of frictional parameters. Comparing with the observation and the results of other studies, we discuss the assumption we used and point out its limit of applicability.

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