Session III:
Physically-based simulation of earthquike generation and the earthquake cycle

2nd ACES (APEC Cooperation for Earthquake Simulation) Workshop in Japan

On the slip weakening dependence in Rate and State Dependent Constitutive Law
Massimo Cocco,, Andrea Bizzarri


We study the dynamic propagation of a 2D in-plane crack using a finite difference approach to compare slip weakening and rate- and state-dependent constitutive laws for equivalent sets of initial parameters. Our modeling results confirm that the dynamic solution obtained by using a rate- and state-dependent law implies a slip dependence of the dynamic traction. The shape of the resulting slip weakening curve displays a slip hardening phase preceding the traction drop (weakening phase) and an equivalent critical slip weakening distance (D_o^eq). In these simulations the characteristic length for scaling the dynamic parameters is the distance L, which controls the state variable evolution. This implies that the nucleation patch depends on L and not on D_o^eq. We show that the adopted constitutive parameters A, B and L control the traction dependence of slip, since D_o^eq, the weakening rate as well as the slip-hardening phase depend on these constitutive parameters.

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