Session II:
Scaling physics and emergent behaviors at the micro and macro-scale : theory, simulation and observation

2nd ACES (APEC Cooperation for Earthquake Simulation) Workshop in Japan

A constitutive scaling law that unifies the shear rupture from small scale in the laboratory to large scale in the Earth as an earthquake source
Mitiyasu Ohnaka


In order to develop a realistic model for the earthquake nucleation to dynamic rupture with prediction capability, it is essential to incorporate the physical scale dependence into the model. This can be attained if geometric irregularity of the rupturing surfaces is properly incorporated into the model, and if the governing law for earthquake rupture is formulated as a slip-dependent constitutive law. It is shown that scale-dependent physical quantities, such as the breakdown zone size, the nucleation zone size, the apparent shear rupture energy, and the slip acceleration, inherent in the shear rupture in a broad scale range from 10-2 to 105 m can be understood unifyingly and consistently in terms of a laboratory-based slip-dependent constitutive law in the framework of fracture mechanics.

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